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If you need an account that can simplify business transactions and offer flexibility, BNI Giro is the right choice.

Ready to serve two business segments (Individual and Non-Individual), BNI Giro provides banking services with various facilities and facilities.


BNI Giro

  1. For BNI Giro Individual account holders, BNI Debit Card (Silver, Gold, Platinum) facilities, Automatic Transfer System (Sweep Account Online) facilities, e-Channel facilities.
  2. BNI Giro Non Individual account holders get BNI Cash Card facilities (selected only), Automatic Transfer System Facilities (Non-Individual Account Sweep), Internet Banking (BNIDirect), Automatic Debit Transaction Facility (autodebit), and BNI Virtual Account (for transactions debit or credit).

Other advantages:

  • The customer gets the details of the current account mutation per month so that it makes it easier to monitor transactions.
  • Diverse Currency Options: Rupiah, USD, SGD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CNY, AUD and HKD.
  • Giro services with a progressive and competitive daily interest calculation system, the greater the current account balance, the higher the demand deposit service you will get.


  1. Fill in the application form and other documents.
  2. For Individuals: photocopy of identification and NPWP
    For Non-Individuals: photocopy of the identity of the authorized official, NPWP, Deed of Establishment, Articles of Association and Amendments, and others.
  3. Make an initial deposit as specified.
  4. Not included in Bank Indonesia Black List